Helping the community with Southcentre Mall

In the bustling heart of Calgary, on the rooftop of the Southcentre Mall, an innovative project is taking root. Our visionary company is on a mission to transform unused spaces into urban farms, and we are proud to join hands with Southcentre Mall to cultivate an urban garden of 100 planters in support of a local organization, Made by Momma, a volunteer-run organization that provides practical peer-to-peer support for mothers and families facing situations of adversity and crisis.

The Southcentre rooftop garden was completed this summer and produced over 1,000 pounds of fresh vegetables, and herbs that were donated to Made by Momma. The fresh harvests were used to prepare nutritious meals and snacks for families in need.

Why is urban agriculture important?

Urban agriculture has a number of benefits, including:

  1. Increased access to fresh produce: Urban farms can provide fresh, local produce to people in all neighborhoods, including those in food deserts.
  2. Reduced transportation emissions: By growing food locally, we can reduce the need to transport food long distances, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Improved environmental quality: Urban farms can help to improve air and water quality, and reduce noise pollution.
  4. Increased biodiversity: Urban farms can provide habitat for birds, bees, and other pollinators, which is important for ecosystem health.

Cultivating a Greener and More Resilient City

The rooftop urban farm at Southcentre Mall is more than just a garden; it’s a symbol of community resilience and innovation. It showcases the potential of urban agriculture to make cities greener and more sustainable while addressing critical food security issues. This project not only provides fresh produce but also educates the community about the importance of locally grown food and reconnecting with nature.

By repurposing an otherwise unused space, we at Microhabitat, in collaboration with Southcentre Mall, are cultivating a healthier, more self-reliant community. The partnership represents a new way of thinking about our urban environment and how we can utilize it to promote well-being, sustainability, and community support.

We are excited to continue the Southcentre Mall urban farm project next summer. We believe that this project is a shining example of how urban agriculture can be used to create a more sustainable and equitable food system.