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3 reasons that will make you eat local

Despite the ever-increasing globalization of our economies, the last few years have seen a resurgence of the local movement. Why? It turns out that the benefits of eating local are not limited to supporting the regional economy, but have many other environmental and social implications.

Cultivating Change with Mélisanne

Because there are not only plants behind our MicroHabitats, but above all a great team without whom nothing would be possible! Let’s give voice to the people who cultivate change daily.

Permaculture: A Truly Sustainable Model of Agriculture

According to United Nations data, the world loses 24 tons of arable land every year. The reason for this loss is mainly due to bad agri-food practices and the progression of climate change accelerating desertification. In such a context, many individuals are turning their backs on modern agriculture to adopt permaculture principles.

7 Benefits of Urban Agriculture

The practice of urban agriculture does not limit itself to contributing in feeding the urban population, but rather provides important benefits at both the environmental and societal levels.

Urban Agriculture for a Green and Resilient Recovery

The pandemic has been lingering in our societies for more than a year now… What if this was not just a global crisis, but also an opportunity to start anew and transform our world in a sustainable way? Discover the role of urban agriculture in a green and resilient recovery.

Toronto, here we come!

MicroHabitat is growing and starting its Canadian expansion by opening in the largest agglomeration of the country: Toronto. Many urban farms will take root on the rooftops of the Ontario metropolis, starting in late spring 2021.

MicroHabitat x Accueil Bonneau : greening cities, feeding people

Transforming rooftops and unused spaces into urban farms is at the heart of the MicroHabitat mission. In the deployment of our activities, we also support many social actors in the process. This is the case of Accueil Bonneau, an organization that helps people in situations of homelessness.