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DIY Gardening Tips from MicroHabitat Experts

Colorful beans and juicy tomatoes flourishing in a Microhabitat pot - a thriving ecosystem of delicious and nutritious produce.

Transform your urban space into a green oasis with these expert DIY gardening tips from MicroHabitat. Discover how to choose the perfect plants for your environment, maximize vertical space with creative solutions, and repurpose everyday items into unique planters. Start your urban gardening journey today and reap the rewards of a greener, more vibrant city life!

GRESB Assessment Points

Learn how urban farming enhances GRESB points in Environment, Social, Governance, Building Certifications, Innovation & Resilience.

Urban Farming at Warrington PCI

Warrington PCI donated roughly 1300 pounds of fresh produce to food banks in Vancouver in 2022 through our Urban Solidarity Farms initiative!