Urban farming for change

Our mission is to build a healthier society and world by reconnecting people with nature and their food. We do this by transforming unused spaces into urban farms. Let's create greener and more resilient cities through urban agriculture. Let's cultivate our cities to consume better and live better.

Farming for sustainability

MicroHabitat offers a full service in urban agriculture: we create and operate urban farms and teach urban farming. With our ultra-light technology and our expertise, we can implement projects on various residential, commercial and industrial properties. We operate in places such as existing roofs, concrete, or grassed areas. As a one stop business, we also offer a range of services such as educational activities (workshops, kiosks, visits), kits as well as promotional content so that our projects can shine throughout the efforts of our clients.

Our core values

  • Success

    By building strong communities and encouraging sustainable practices, we work to create an environment in which people thrive. As our footprint expands to meet the needs of a healthier society, we have the responsibility to grow with purpose.

  • Respect

    By fostering trust and mutual respect in our workspace, we value the expertise of our employees, the unique needs of our clients, the relationship we have with our partners, and the diversity as well as the passion that characterize our success.

  • Satisfaction of our employees

    Our success depends on the collective energy and contributions of all our team members that we value. It is essential to encourage their growth and prosperity, to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible service to our clients.

  • Satisfaction of our clients

    Our customers are the driving force of our business and our most important partners. We strive to exceed their expectations on every urban farming project and provide exceptional customer service through flexible scheduling and efficient services.

The MicroHabitat programs

  • The Urban Solidarity Farms initiative

    Donation program created by MicroHabitat to supply food banks with our harvests.

  • The Breakfast Club of Canada

    We offer financial support to this organization through the sale of MicroHabitat pots and expansion of our operations throughout our various cities. 

  • No Kid Hungry

    Feeding the youth in the United Sates of America thanks to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry® campaign. No Kid Hungry is working to end childhood hunger by helping launch and improve programs that give all kids the healthy food they need to thrive.

Our alliances

  • Boma Canada x MicroHabitat guide

    This year, MicroHabitat is proud to have partnered with BOMA Canada for the development of a complete guide addressing urban agriculture in commercial real estate. For more information concerning our alliance with BOMA, please visit our blog post: BOMA X MICROHABITAT: Urban Farming in Commercial Real Estate

Wanting to change the cities around the globe by reducing food insecurity with urban agriculture, Orlane and Alexandre founded MicroHabitat in 2016 in Montreal. With a mission to build a healthier society by reconnecting people with nature and their food, the founders came up with the idea of a turnkey service that would transform unused spaces into urban farms. The goal is to create greener and more resilient cities through urban agriculture. MicroHabitat’s founders have challenged the status quo in urban farming by building a unique business model that has now put in place over 100 urban farms throughout Canada and now the United States.