Engage your members with innovative team bonding activities and eco-friendly customized corporate gifts

Recreational workshops, informational booths, tote bags or take-home kits with customizable seed packets are a great way to inspire and mobilize your community.

Treat your members to a tasting of the 30+ varieties that are cultivated in your urban farm

Our guided garden tours offer a comprehensive urban farming experience. The purpose of the tour is to engage with members and tenants through a tasting of the over 30 varieties that are cultivated in your ecological urban farm. The activity will highlight the benefits of an ecological approach to urban farming as we demonstrate how MicroHabitat’s growing system makes use of symbiotic relationships in the natural environment. You can also add a MicroHabitat tote bag with seed packets for each participant so they cultivate change at home.

Allow your tenants to meet our urban farmers and discover the benefits of the MicroHabitat urban farm

Our information kiosk allows you to give visibility to your project and share it with your community. We bring the urban farm to you with this interactive booth animated by one of our urban farming experts. For an hour and a half, a member of our team will introduce your guests to your fruitful initiative, its impact on the local community, and the quality of the produce grown on site. Motivate your members to cultivate change along side with you!

Foster your sustainable initiative with ecological & impactful gifts

Encourage your members to cultivate change at home with the pot and seed kit. A great gift to be given with one of our educational team building activities.

Our workshops

virtual or in-person

Our workshops are an interactive and stimulating experience, aimed at creating a bridge between your members and urban agriculture. Lasting one hour, they are designed to generate deeper and more meaningful interactions with nature  and the environment around food. Practical tips, sustainable consumption awareness and team building opportunities are the focus of our educational sessions.

Our kits are a great way to give your members the right tools to multiply your sustainable action and start growing at home! By offering these kits, you will also help support The Breakfast Club of Canada. Each kit offers 1 breakfast for the Canadian organization (See next page for details).

A great way to celebrate the launch of the season of Earth Month

Take-home kits

$15 / kit

Kits are a great way to incentivize participation in our other educational activities. By offering this kit, you will have the chance to multiply and promote your sustainable action through your members.

Our new MicroHabitat kits bring the urban farming experience to your doorstep. MicroHabitat has developed a cultivation system that maximizes the productivity  of an urban garden with minimal maintenance and resources. These kits are a personal version of our  own system  and can be easily assembled  by anyone in their home.

Each kit contains one MicroHabitat geotextile pot and seed packet that can be branded with your logo. Packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard, with dedicated space for shipping instructions and a quick startup guide printed on the exterior, for easy shipping and to minimize waste.

For each kit sold, a meal is donated to the Breakfast Club of Canada to feed a child.


Format:   In-person, on your property; in the garden, conference room or lobby
Duration:   1.5 hours

The kiosk allows your tenants to meet our urban farmers and discover the benefits of a MicroHabitat ecological urban garden. It is an opportunity to educate community members about the social and environmental services provided by your partnership with MicroHabitat.

Over the course of 1.5 hours, our urban farmer will engage with your employees/tenants/clients to showcase your urban garden. Our knowledgeable team will be able to answer any questions related to the functioning of your garden and its impact in the wider community.

MicroHabitat can also make personal growing kits, which benefits the Breakfast Club of Canada, providing a meal to a child in need with every kit sold.

Garden visit

$400   +350$ for 30 totes and seeds
Capacity:   30 participants maximum
Format:   in-person, at the urban farm

Guided by one of our urban farmers, up to 30 guests will be treated to a tasting of the 30+ varieties that are cultivated in your garden. Microhabitat ecological gardens use no chemicals at any point in the season and all produce can be eaten fresh from the vine.

The garden tour will highlight the benefits of an ecological approach to urban farming as we demonstrate how Microhabitat’s growing system makes use of symbolic relationships in the natural environment to maximize yields, boost soil health and accommodate our pollinator friends.

For an additional cost, guests will leave with a Microhabitat tote bag and seed packets to start their own urban garden, and samples of the produce that is showcased throughout the tour.