Urban farming at school : (re)connecting children to the land by cultivating greater understanding of environmental issues.

Teach and raise awareness among new generations on the importance of sustainable actions through urban farming. Urban agriculture education is the best approach for societal, environmental and economic change.

The urban farming practice in schools boosts learning and engagement. It results in students eating more vegetables, making positive lifestyle changes, as well as improving knowledge and attitudes about healthy eating and sustainable agriculture.

Why integrate urban agriculture in schools?

To have a positive impact on the environment and society and to mobilize tomorrow's young decision makers.

  • Cultivating change in schools through an innovative project

    The implementation of an urban farm is a resourceful educational project that encourages healthy lifestyles, nutritious habits, provides food education, engages and inspires youth to connect with nature through :

    • Virtual workshops for different age groups
    • Workshop program for the Green Committee (the school community; parents, students and teachers)
    • Educational garden visit for the Green Committee (parents, students, and teachers)
    • Urban farming kits to grow at home
  • How can you easily integrate urban farming in your school?

    From installation to weekly maintenance and harvesting, our urban farmers take care of everything so the school staff and students can enjoy their new space and fresh products peacefully! What we offer:

    • The design and installation
    • Maintenance and weekly follow-up
    • A varied production of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers
    • Workshops and mobilization program
    • Communication and educational tools aiming to raise sustainability awareness amongst youth

Flourish your school

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