GRESB Assessment Points

MicroHabitat offers comprehensive urban farming solutions designed to enrich urban environments, engage communities, and foster sustainability. Our urban gardens and pollinator hotels are tailored to enhance environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, making them excellent additions to your GRESB assessment.

Key Points for GRESB Assessment

Environmental Impact (25 Points)

  1. MicroHabitat urban farms promote biodiversity, air quality, and temperature regulation within urban areas, contributing to a cooler, healthier environment.
  2. Green solutions for urban living, such as our rooftop gardens, counter the heat island effect by increasing vegetation and cooling surroundings. Our ecological approach ensures green solutions are implemented in a sustainable manner.

Social Impact (20 Points)

  1. Our urban farms engage communities, enhancing social cohesion and well-being. We encourage tenant participation and local volunteer programs, fostering a sense of shared responsibility.
  2. The produce from MicroHabitat’s gardens often supports local food banks, addressing food insecurity while establishing self-sustaining ecosystems.

Governance & Risk Management (15 Points)

  1. MicroHabitat’s urban farming services facilitate sustainable land use by transforming underutilized urban spaces, promoting a positive corporate image.
  2. We emphasize strong governance practices, ensuring a comprehensive farming management system that adheres to urban agriculture best practices and ESG criteria.

Building Certification (10 Points)

  1. Many of our projects contribute to building certifications by enhancing green credentials and sustainability features. As an industry leader, MicroHabitat offers turnkey solutions for achieving these certifications.

Innovation (10 Points)

  1. MicroHabitat’s innovative urban farming techniques and projects differentiate our offerings, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable urban living.

Resilience (10 Points)

  1. MicroHabitat urban farms contribute to the resilience of urban ecosystems by mitigating climate change, reducing water runoff, and storing excess rainwater.
  2. Our rooftop farms also act as green spaces that provide physical and mental well-being, even in urban environments.

MicroHabitat’s urban farming solutions provide a unique opportunity to enhance your GRESB performance. We invite you to explore our innovative projects and discover how our green solutions for urban living can elevate your environmental, social, and governance standing.

For inquiries and to discuss how MicroHabitat can bolster your GRESB assessment, book a demo with us! Let’s grow a greener future together.