Transforming Kingsway Mall’s Rooftop

Edmonton’s Kingsway Mall embarked on an inspiring project this summer in an effort to help both the environment and our community. Over the summer, the Kingsway Mall’s rooftop has been transformed into a beautiful urban farm. An initiative made in collaboration with MicroHabitat to make use of this unutilized space. The best part about this project? All harvests are donated to Edmonton’s Food Bank!

At MicroHabitat, we aim to cultivate change within our community through the transformative power of urban farming. Urban farming consists of cultivating food within the city, utilizing spaces like rooftops, balconies and other underutilized spaces. By cultivating the food closer to where it will be consumed we are able to reduce our carbon footprint significantly. In addition, our clients have the possibility to donate the harvests to local food banks. Therefore, this initiative not only teaches us the importance of sustainable practices to help our environment but also has a significant impact on our communities. This is precisely what Kingsway Mall was aiming for with this project. They wanted to make use of their rooftop and possibly help the community as well, which they are able to do by donating the harvests of their garden to Edmonton’s Food Bank. We are thrilled to be able to help them in this initiative by taking care of their garden.

The garden consists of 30 pots which are expected to produce 300 pounds of fresh produce over the summer months. The produce will include a variety of vegetables and herbs like eggplants, tomatoes, carrots, basil, rosemary and mint. All the produce will be donated to Edmonton’s Food Bank to help the community. This is a good initiative to help with food security. Especially considering that many food banks have seen an increase in the amount of people relying on their services since the pandemic. Beyond its immediate impact on food security, the urban farm fosters a sense of community engagement and empowerment. By donating bountiful harvests to Edmonton’s Food Bank, Kingsway Mall encourages other people and businesses to get involved in initiatives that can have a positive impact on the community.

The Kingsway Mall’s urban farm initiative is a testament to the power of purposeful innovation. By transforming unused rooftop spaces into thriving gardens, the project brings forth a plethora of benefits for both the community and the environment. Through the tireless efforts of our urban farmers, the rooftop garden is expected to yield an abundant harvest of 300 pounds of fresh produce, nourishing the spirit of Edmonton while combating food insecurity. This progressive approach to urban farming sets an inspiring precedent for other establishments to follow, reminding us all that small acts of kindness can ripple into significant positive change for our cities and the people who call them home.

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