Urban Solidarity Farms: Supporting food banks through urban agriculture

COVID-19 continues to disrupt our society as a whole. Food banks and local organizations, those supporting people in need, are strongly affected. In order to help them during this crisis, we created the Urban Solidarity Farms program.


We have been encouraging our customers to donate their crops since 2017. With the raise of the pandemic, we have strengthened this initiative by creating the Urban Solidarity Farms program. We launched a call to our corporate clients and encouraged them to take part in the program. The objective: offer the crops from their urban farms to local food banks. In addition to optimizing their work environment and outdoor spaces by integrating urban agriculture, these businesses are now helping to feed local communities in need. The Urban Solidarity Farms program now represents Canada’s largest network of urban rooftop farms whose harvests are intended for local food banks.


How it works


Delivery of fresh crops to Accueil Bonneau


The Urban Solidarity Farms program complements the MicroHabitat turnkey service offer. Each urban farm is managed and operated by our team of urban agriculture experts. Our urban farmers take care of every steps, from the establishment of the vegetable garden to the weekly maintenance and the delivery of the crops to the organizations. By dedicating one of your outdoor spaces to urban agriculture, you now have an opportunity to supply local food banks with products from your own roof. Donating your MicroHabitat crops means offering fresh, healthy and locally grown food.



The Urban Solidarity Farms, in numbers


Since 2018, 10 corporate urban farms have been developed to optimize outdoor spaces in agricultural production areas. The crops from these vegetable gardens are generously donated to 7 local food banks. Thanks to a collaboration between our urban farmers and the companies participating in the Urban Solidarity Farms program (Ivanhoe Cambridge, Manulife, Complexe Desjardins, BentallGreenOak, Intact, Industrielle Alliance and BBA), more than 27,215 servings of fruits, vegetables and herbs have been donated to local organizations. Together and with the implementation of urban agriculture, we support food banks through a local and sustainable food system.

Does your company have an interest in this type of project? Talk to your organization and contact us for more information.

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