The added value of a sustainable project despite remote work

Implementing an urban agriculture project in your organization is an excellent way to stimulate the local and green economy while contributing to its growth. It is also an opportunity for your organization to reduce the miles that food has to travel before it reaches our kitchens, and therefore the greenhouse gas emissions that it would otherwise take to get our food. It is also a great way to add more biodiversity to the urban landscape and support local pollinators by making the cities we call home greener and healthier for us and them! And of course, choosing to host an urban farm presents a response to the impacts of COVID-19, including the increase in food insecurity for vulnerable communities.

In 2020, a significant increase in food insecurity was observed in the first few weeks following the lockdown. For example, in April 2020, 26% of Quebec adults were living in a food insecure household, compared to 11% before the pandemic.

Engaging in urban agriculture provides an opportunity for organizations to address the issues that emerged during the health crisis by adopting best practices and tangible actions that support local food system resilience.

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