Urban Agriculture

The MicroHabitat Urban Farming Service

Our global expertise allows us to offer a full service in urban agriculture.

Our sectors of activity

We specialize in deserving four main sectors

  • Companies and organizations

    Make an impact in your community and put forward your values ​​through a sustainable and mobilizing action.

  • Health sector

    Promote well-being and healthy lifestyles by creating spaces where you can connect with nature.

  • Real estate and construction

    Design resilient spaces and respond to a growing demand for healthy, local and sustainable food.

  • School sector

    Teach and raise awareness among new generations on the importance of sustainable actions through urban agriculture.

Our expertise

We are specialized in creating, implementing, operating and teaching urban farming.

  • Consultation

    We believe that it is essential to understand the environment and the nature of a project to ensure its success. Whether you are in the pre-construction stage or have an existing space to optimize, our team of experts will assist you in developing a project that will fit into your organization.

  • Design and management

    Our team of experts provides comprehensive management of urban agriculture projects. Whether your urban farm takes place on a roof or on the ground, we can help you revitalize your spaces by creating nourishing farms and biodiversity areas. Our experts are available to assist you in the design, implementation and weekly maintenance of your urban farms.

  • Education

    Urban agriculture education is the best approach for societal, environmental and economic change. During our weekly maintenance activities, your members are invited to harvest and participate in the garden.

  • Outreach

    The deployment of an urban farming project is part of a sustainable action that benefits both the urban environment and citizens. Share your initiative and ensure its visibility with our marketing tools and services.

Our urban agriculture service

A complete, simple and mobilizing project

What it includes...

  • Urban Agriculture The design and installation of an urban agriculture zone
  • Urban Agriculture Lightweight technology that is easy to install, on the ground or on the roof
  • Urban Agriculture Maintenance and weekly follow-up
  • Urban Agriculture A varied production of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers
  • Urban Agriculture Workshops and mobilization program
  • Urban Agriculture Marketing tools to promote your initiative

By our approach and ecological methods, we can produce up to 1/10 of a ton of vegetables and herbs on as little as 500 square feet. Each project is adapted to your spaces and needs.

How to use your harvest?

  • Procurement
  • Distribution
  • Donations
  • Supply your Cafeteria

    Our team of urban farmers deliver fresh food from the garden every week so your members can enjoy healthy meals prepared with local, ecological and nutritious produce.

  • Distribute to employees, customers or members

    Share your production of fruits, vegetables and herbs with members of your organization. We create for you colorful vegetable baskets that will please the group of your choice.

  • Donate to a local organization

    The MicroHabitat Urban Solidarity Farm program aims to support communities in need. Help us support local food banks by joining the program and donating your crops.

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