Our realizations

Whether they take place on your roof, on the ground or on a terrace, we create urban farms projects that are tailored to your image and that meet your objectives. Need inspiration? Discover some of our projects!

  • Eaton Center
  • Manulife
  • Centre du Plateau
  • Sun Life Building
  • AXA Center
  • Champlain School
  • Institute of Cardiology
  • McAuslan Brewery
  • Complexe Desjardins
  • ABB
  • The Intercontinental Hotel
  • The Eaton Center's rooftop farm

    In the desire to put in place tangible measures to reduce its ecological footprint and improve its environmental performance, the property management company Ivanhoé Cambridge has partnered with MicroHabitat to revitalize the roofs of the Maison Manuvie and the Center Eaton of Montreal with flourishing vegetable gardens of biodiversity. In addition to contributing to the greening of Montreal’s downtown, the urban farm helps support young people in need by adhering to our Urban Solidarity Farms initiative and dedicating all its harvests to the local food bank Dans la rue.

  • The Manulife network of rooftop farms

    Urban agriculture initiatives keep on growing on Manulife's rooftops! In 2019 and 2020, six MicroHabitat urban farms have taken roots on the company’s buildings in downtown and Old Montreal, greening otherwise unexploited spaces. Manulife is a generous contributor to our Urban Solidarity Farms program, dedicating its entire harvest to local food banks. Together, we're growing change at a whirlwind speed!

  • The urban garden at the Centre du Plateau

    In collaboration with the Plateau Mont-Royal, the urban farm project contributes to the development and well-being of the community. The project offers a learning platform with workshops in urban agriculture for all ages. This initiative allows people to gather, learn and benefit from a locally grown food production. Harvests are handed over to their members and to the organization la Maison d'Aurore in order to meet food security needs in this area of the city.

  • The Sun Life Building's rooftop farm

    The urban farm of the famous historical building is the result of a close collaboration with BentallGreenOak. As the first century-old building in North America to achieve triple Platinum certification for environmental performance excellence, it goes without saying that the roof of the Sun Life Building is transformed into a nourishing vegetable garden serving communities. BentallGreenOak proudly participates in our Urban Solidarity Farms program and donates its harvests to local organizations. Educational activities are also organized to raise awareness of this green and social initiative among building tenants.

  • The urban farm of the AXA Center

    The urban farm located at 2020 Robert-Bourassa is the result of a collaboration between Industrial Alliance, Intact Insurance and BBA. Sharing the desire to develop a community spirit among the occupants, the three companies chose to integrate urban agriculture into their common space and thus create a greener and more natural living environment. Since 2018, they have proudly participated in our Urban Solidarity Farms program by donating the crops from their MicroHabitat farm to local food banks.

  • The educational program in partnership with Fondaction

    MicroHabitat is proud to collaborate with Fondaction in the creation of the Cultivons pour donner du sens à l’avenir program (Let’s cultivate to make sense of the future)! This initiative will allow many schools to establish a vegetable garden 100% dedicated to the school community, students and their families. As part of an educational program, this initiative aims to improve healthy food accessibility in food deserts and promote food literacy and urban agriculture learning. The example of the Champlain School, located in an underprivileged neighbourhood and a food desert, is proof that urban farming can cultivate change with and for future generations!

  • The institue of Cardiologie's ecological farm

    The Montreal Heart Institute's urban farm aims to create a healthy, soothing and educational living space for the hospital’s teams and members. The harvests produced are made available to the healthcare workers in order to enhance their meals with tasty, healthy and locally grown food. A portion of these harvests is also shared with the daycare centre of the institute.

  • The McAuslan Brewery's rooftop farm and orchard

    MicroHabitat has helped transform the unused space on the brewery’s roof into a highly productive green oasis. In addition to providing a green space where customers of the terrace like to gather, the vegetable garden yields numerous harvests that are used in the brewery's kitchen. From the roof to the plate, in less than 30 meters! Moreover, being located in a food desert, the McAuslan Brewery also donates part of its crops to the Welcome Hall Mission organization in order to support the surrounding communities. That is also what cultivating change is all about.

  • The complexe Desjardins's rooftop farm

    Discreetly overlooking the Quartier des Spectacles, the urban farm of the unmissable shopping mall is a real island of biodiversity in a jungle of buildings. Initially set up to supply their cafeteria, the Complexe Desjardins decided to help local communities during the pandemic and offered its harvests to local food banks through our Urban Solidarity Farms program.

  • The ABB vegetable farm in support to their staff

    The ABB urban farm aims to create a healthy, soothing and educational living space for companies team and members. The harvests produced are made available in the cafeteria in order to enhance their staff’s meals with tasty, healthy and locally grown food.

  • The Intercontinental's rooftop farm

    On the 26th floor of the building, the Intercontinental's rooftop farm is one of the most bountiful.