21.00 CA$

By buying this pot, you will feed, you will feed a child!
For every pot sold, $ 1 will be donated to the Breakfast Club of Canada Foundation.

• 2mm thick

• Made of polyester.

• The fabric allows aeration of the soil and root system, one of the basic principles of urban agriculture.
• In MicroHabitat pots, when a root reaches the container wall, growth stops and the plant develops new roots. The result is a dense root system rather than some large spiral roots along the walls.
• The airflow prevents overheating observed in conventional pots on hot days, which is harmful for roots and microorganisms.
• Suitable for growing lettuce, herbs, edible flowers and ornamental plants.
• Allow to grow short root vegetables (radishes, carrots, onions)

Pot Dimensions: 16 “W x 18” H