MicroHabitat Contributions to Food Security

Supporting local communities and working towards food security for all

To benefit breakfast club
No kid hungry campaign

Year after year, MicroHabitat and its greener footprint continue to grow and expand, 2022 has been no exception. This year was yet again MicroHabitat’s largest year to date, marking several milestones for us, and especially for the contributions to food security and social impact we have been able to make.

We are so proud to say that in 2022, we contributed a total of 11 940 meals for children across North America. Our growing contributions to food security are made possible thanks to our partnerships with the Breakfast Club of Canada and the No Kid Hungry campaign in the US. With each new MicroHabitat pot we sell to our clients, meals are donated on our behalf.

kid - girl - microhabitat x centre du plateau

Fighting food insecurity and bringing forward social justice, is one of our blueprint missions at MicroHabitat. By partnering for donations with the Breakfast Club of Canada, as well as the No Kid Hungry campaign in the United States, we’re able to support local youth and working towards food security for all.

Feeding kids is very important to our core values, as we want to help and inspire future generations. We choose to support these organizations because, like us, they want to eradicate food insecurity and give children access to healthy breakfasts so they can demonstrate a more positive attitude in class, experience less stressed and improve their learning skills.

Do you want to be part of the solution to fight food insecurity in schools?