MicroHabitat blooms at Manulife Investment Management

We are very proud of this wonderful collaboration! In 2019 and 2020, six urban vegetable gardens took place on the roofs of downtown and Old Montreal, greening otherwise unexploited spaces. This Manulife Investment Management and MicroHabitat initiative has not only reduced the heat islands, but has also nourished local communities.

Vegetation and also provides habitat for local pollinators


Over 3,000 plants discreetly overlooked the streets of these busy areas of Montreal. Over the season, these vegetable gardens have produced almost a tonne of fine herbs and fresh, healthy vegetables and greens. These were generously donated to local food banks through our Urban Solidarity Farms program.







Did you know that installing vegetable gardens on roofs can green – and therefore reduce – heat islands? In addition, it allows the integration of spaces that promote biodiversity. In order to increase action in this direction, certain tenants of the buildings concerned have also received gardening kits. Their involvement greatly contributed to the greening of the city.


For the realization of this project and within the framework of our Solidarity Gardeners program, our team of urban farmers manages the entire projects, from the installation of vegetable gardens to the delivery of crops to local organizations. An ecological approach, without the use of pesticides, promises the harvest of healthy food without danger to health and biodiversity.

Would you like to take concrete action for the environment and contribute in a similar way to your community? Contact us to develop a project within your organization.

Roof production is not easy, but it can be very abundant if well executed