Little guide to reducing food waste

Harvest season is in full swing! We are delighted about the abundance of sun-drenched fruits and vegetables growing on our roofs, balconies and gardens. You must admit it, it’s very rewarding to taste the fruits of your efforts!

But abundance sometimes means surplus. Unfortunately, too often, these end up in the garbage. According to the MAPAQ, in Canada, food waste leads to annual losses estimated at close to 31 billion dollars! While households are responsible for 47% of this waste, 53% is attributable to the food industry as a whole. From food production and processing, through retail, transportation and storage, thousands of tonnes of edible foodstuffs are sent to waste. Or rather, millions of tonnes!

Local agriculture is a good way to counter this global issue. Indeed, urban agriculture allows for better crop management. Imperfect fruits and foliage, often rejected by the industry, can be revalued and fully integrated into our food supply. And because we believe it is important to reduce waste at the source and in our kitchens, we share our anti-waste tips in this little guide!

Together, let’s cultivate change!