Increasing Property Value with Urban Agriculture

When we think of increasing the value of a property today, we often think about renovations such as extending, building a gym or installing a pool. However, a new trend is starting to gain in popularity: the urban vegetable garden.

Urban gardening : the new phenomenon

Indeed, there is a reason why it takes at least one or more years (1) to get a plot of land in a community garden in Montreal: growing your own vegetables and greens is an increasingly popular activity in urban environments. According to a Dalhousie University study on home gardening in response to Covid-19, 51% of Canadians were growing at least one variety of fruit or vegetable in their garden in 2020 (2).

It is clear that urban agriculture is increasingly popular with city residents and represents a golden opportunity for property owners.

No need to engage in major work to make a green roof or remove the concrete from your backyard! An installation of textile pots positioned at key locations on the roof or in unused spaces can be sufficient to produce large volumes of fruits, vegetables, fine herbs, greens, and more. It is not a “green roof” per se, but the result will satisfy your tenants’ or customers’ thirst for gardening.

In addition to being less expensive, this type of installation has the advantage of not modifying the structure of the building in a significant way – contrary to green roofs – thus facilitating its installation.

A high value-added initiative

Urban agriculture in a corporate or residential setting offers tenants of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to grow their own food in a common space. This encourages social interaction and sharing, while cultivating a sense of community within the building.

Furthermore, considering the green shift that society has been making in recent years, installing an urban vegetable garden on one’s property becomes a valuable initiative in the eyes of the tenants. They will feel engaged by this type of project, which reflects the property manager’s desire to take part in the environmental cause while being in sync with their own values.

Dedicating an area of your real estate property to an urban agriculture project is an effective way to increase its real estate value in the long term. Food self-sufficiency is a trend that is far from being ephemeral and will continue to grow in the years to come. There are more and more urban agriculture experts in urban areas, offering a multitude of services to facilitate the life of real estate owners embarking on such projects, in order to ensure their sustainability.

An urban vegetable garden, well supervised and managed by a specialized team, represents a sustainable investment, in harmony with the values and needs of the tenants, which promotes a beautiful image and supports the community.

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