Want to create a significant impact?

MicroHabitat urban farms are beyond the simple vegetable garden

  • Urban Agriculture


    • Urban Agriculture Awareness of healthy eating habits
    • Urban Agriculture Promotion of a local and sustainable food system
    • Urban Agriculture Financial support for the Breakfast Club
  • Urban Agriculture


    • Urban Agriculture Support of the local biodiversity
    • Urban Agriculture Rainwater retention
    • Urban Agriculture Reduction of the heat island effect
    • Urban Agriculture City air purification
    • Urban Agriculture Reduction of the carbon footprint
  • Urban Agriculture


    • Urban Agriculture Added value to property
    • Urban Agriculture Employee engagement
    • Urban Agriculture Innovative and sustainable positioning

The MicroHabitat Urban Solidarity Farms

This program connects our corporate clients with local food banks around the city. Presently, the Urban Solidarity Farms initiative is the largest network of rooftop farms in support to local food banks in Canada.

Feeding the youth

From our very beginnings, we proudly support the Breakfast Club of Canada in its mission of feeding children in need.


Every action can make a difference

  • 10 Rootfop farms in the urban solidarity initiative
  • 7 Food banks served
  • 27.3k Vegetable servings offered since 2018 to food banks
  • 4.5k Funded meals for the Breakfast Club of Canada