How to start an urban vegetable garden

There it is! The beautiful season is finally here and many of you have decided to start a home vegetable garden. Whether it is in extra free time, Covid forces, or simply out of interest to harvest beautiful vegetables all summer long, all reasons are good to green your space with edible plants! Not sure how to do it? Here is a simple guide to properly equip yourself for a worry-free vegetable garden!


  1. Seeds: no seeds, no garden! Since May is well underway, it is too late to start most of your sowings indoor. On the other hand, several varieties of seeds can be planted in the outdoor garden directly: visit our site to discover our selection!
  2. Pots: no need for a piece of land or a heavy and imposing structure to make your vegetable garden! In addition to being easily modular, the use of pots made of fabrics, like MicroHabitats’, allows ventilation of the soil and the root system. We have five sizes of pots; some models can be installed on the ground and others are suitable for railings or walls. Ideal for balconies!
  3. Protection membranes: highly recommended if you want to protect your roof or balcony.
  4. Soil: for urban and organic or regular cultivation, as desired.
  5. Compost: having a high content of organic matter, compost stimulates microbial life in soils and helps to prepare your soil for your plants to grow healthy. It is recommended to mix 15 to 30% compost with your potting soil. The quantities of soil required per MicroHabitat pot are indicated in the description of the product on our online store (ex: to fill a 30 gallon pot, use 3 bags of urban soil + 1 bag of compost).
  6. Acti-Sol: it is a versatile organic fertilizer, suitable for all types of plants. Add 1/2 cup Acti-Sol for every 5 gallons to your soil mixture when planting. Also use Acti-Sol throughout the season by applying it to the base of the plants to stimulate vegetable production. Slight advantage: its smell helps repel squirrels!
  7. Watering: If you have a nearby water supply, purchasing an automated irrigation system or a garden hose is highly recommended to facilitate and decrease maintenance time. We offer a complete set of automated irrigation, easy to install, in our online store.


And there you go! Starting a vegetable garden is not rocket science; all you need is the right equipment and a bit of willpower! Now it is time to plant. If you are wondering about companionship (which varieties to plant in the same pot), you can get our encyclopedia on ecological urban agriculture in our online store. You will find detailed information on complementary crops and how to grow your favorite varieties in town.


Enjoy your gardening!