Growing Company Culture with Urban Farming

In an era where the lack of qualified workers is strongly felt, companies are faced with an important challenge: attracting and retaining employees… But how can we distinguish ourselves as an employer? Integrating an urban agriculture project in the workplace can make a difference by nurturing a greener, more united and committed corporate culture.

Find out how…

Sustainability put forward

With extreme natural disasters becoming more frequent and global warming becoming more significant, there is a growing collective environmental awareness. This concern for environmental causes is not only reflected at home, but is also becoming increasingly important in the workplace.

An American study shows that for 70% of respondents, a strong sustainability plan in a company would influence their decision to stay there in the long term.

Starting an urban agriculture project demonstrates a willingness to invest in the green, sustainable and resilient development of our cities. Ecological urban agriculture encourages biodiversity in the city and the development of local and low-carbon food networks. Sustainable farming practices reduce the impact of agriculture on ecosystems and are better for our health.

Thus, undertaking such a project within a company allows employees to connect their environmental values to a concrete project and signals a desire to get involved in the cause. This can play an important role in attracting and retaining employees in the long term.

A stimulating workplace environment

An urban farm project is concrete and physical. Although it may be located on the roof of the company and not be accessible to everyone, it still remains a unifying place, allowing many opportunities for sharing and collaboration within the company.

Through culinary or educational workshops, the urban farm opens the door to socialization opportunities where members can nourish their team spirit and decompress as a group.

In a broader sense, the urban farm is like a living being, whose growth and development can be followed through the seasons, and to whom everyone can become attached.

Cultivating company culture

Both the social opportunities and the environmental values conveyed by the urban farm allow for the development of a stronger company culture.

Being able to take home greens and vegetables grown in the same place you work every day takes this even further. By being able to benefit in a concrete way from the project, employees feel involved in the initiative, which reinforces their feeling of belonging to the company and its culture. Members will be happy to share the project with their families and enjoy high quality, locally grown vegetables.

The option of donating crops to food banks also has the potential to strengthen members’ pride: their workplace is helping to lift people out of hunger by giving food value to unused space.

In short, an urban agriculture project offers a warm and human touch to the corporate environment. Its social benefits as well as its educational opportunities contribute to building a more united and sustainable corporate culture.

Many companies already have a vegetable garden on their roof, why not yours too?