Cultivating Change with Julien

Julien is a member of the Montreal Urban Farmer team. Urban farmer by day and composer in a Montreal music band by night, one thing is sure: there are no two like him! His smile and his daily good mood bring joy and laughter within the team, we love him! Since he joined our team of farmers, Julien has acquired solid knowledge in ecological agriculture. This allows him to take care of the well-being of your vegetable gardens all season-long!

Julien, Urban Farmer

To name a few, the rooftop farm of Montreal Centre Eaton and some of Manulife’s vegetable production zones are lucky to be under his care this season !

Let’s get to know him a bit … !

How did you get involved in the world of urban agriculture?

For a long time I have been dreaming of food autonomy and I started to do a lot of research on permaculture, homesteading and other related subjects. When the pandemic struck, my schedule was lightened and I was put in touch with Alexandre by a mutual friend. This was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the field.

What change(s) would you like to make with urban agriculture?

A change of lifestyle for me where I consume mostly what I produce and also share my new knowledge with my loved ones.

What do you like most about your work?

Probably the fact that I learn every day and become better in this discipline that is agriculture. Also working outside in the sun!

If you could work in agriculture anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Probably near the Mediterranean Sea.

If you were a vegetable, herb or plant, which one would you be? And why ?

Probably a fruit tree: well rooted and producing fruit in abundance.

If you had to give one ultimate gardening tip, what would it be?

Be patient, curious and do it in harmony with nature.