Cultivating Change: 10 More Cities in 2024

At Microhabitat it is our mission to build a healthier society and world by reconnecting people with nature and their food. Since 2016, we have been helping businesses and public institutions make use of their unused spaces by implementing urban farms. A mission that not only helps people reconnect with nature, but also helps the surrounding communities thanks to our harvest donations programs. In 2024, we are planning to push this mission even further by expanding to 10 new cities across Canada and the United States.

Since our creation, we never stopped our mission to become leaders in the urban farming industry. As of 2023 we are now serving clients in 9 cities across North America, cultivating our network of over 170 urban farms. Because we want to show urban farming is accessible to everyone, we have a diversified portfolio. Our clients include offices, retailers, real estate clients, industrial clients, public institutions and mixed use buildings. Our commitment does not stop there! We also offer the possibility to our clients to donate their harvests to local food banks, which helps the community. By doing so, we hope to alleviate food insecurity and foster a spirit of sharing. Our goals go beyond the business, we put high value in community empowerment, reconnecting people with nature and teaching them about sustainable food production.

In this spirit, we want to take on a new challenge by implementing our services in 10 new cities where we believe people could benefit from urban farming initiatives. This expansion spans both sides of the North American map reaching Winnipeg and Ottawa in Canada, as well as San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Nashville and Houston in the United States. As we cultivate change in these new vibrant cities, we remain dedicated to bringing the benefits of urban farming to the community. By establishing ourselves in these new cities we are answering the growing demand for sustainable solutions as well as tackling the problem of food insecurity in some of these areas.

In forging ahead with our expansion, Microhabitat reaffirms its unwavering commitment to fostering a healthier and more sustainable world. From our roots in 2016 to our current network of 170 urban farms in nine North American cities, our journey has been one of empowerment, community, and change. As we venture into 10 new cities across Canada and the United States, we’re excited to cultivate new connections, address challenges, and continue sowing the seeds of positive transformation. Together, we’re redefining urban spaces, nourishing communities, and creating a brighter future.