MicroHabitat is a first step towards a sustainable lifestyle in the comfort of your own space. Fresh produce available to you, steps away from your doorstep, without having to lift a finger!

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  • Homes

  • Enjoy fresh and ecological veggies, herbs, and edible flowers on a daily basis.
  • Restaurants

  • Enjoy a personalized production of fresh ecological and local vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. Our wide array of ancestral and rare varieties will give you an edge and will bring an added value to your edible creations.
  • Schools, Businesses & Institutions

  • Enjoy fresh and ecological food. Your institution can benefit from an urban garden improving the quality of life of its members: You can redistribute fresh food to other community organizations, rent plots, or even sell your crops.
  • Add workshops to your agenda and discover the various facets of your project. From planting to processing and preserving, our farmers and chefs will model each session to your needs.
  • You want to help your community? Donate fresh produce from your garden to local food banks.
  • Workshops

  • Education is key to making urban agriculture possible.

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  • Requirements Needed For a Garden

  • The space must have: A water outlet is needed to power the irrigation system throughout the harvest season (required for all ground level and rooftop gardens).
  • Specifically for a rooftop garden :

  • A safe staircase to access to rooftop.
  • A rooftop without damage (no signs of membrane or structure deterioration).
  • Make your unused space profitable

  • Estimate your future production through the success of our clients.
  • Here is a real life example of the amount of food grown by one of our clients with a garden of 46 pots, during the 2017 summer season.

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We offer materials and workshops necessary for the implementation of urban agriculture projects.

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